enjoying your full Christian Inheritance

Appreciate at your leisure, our Savior’s Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church by watching
What is Orthodox Christianity?

Part One: The Teachings of Christ

Part Two: Falling Away from Christ

Part Three: The Life in Christ

​The above series produced by Fr. Daniel Mackay are 40, 45, and 40 mins in lengtht; so, budget
some time to view them. Although each includes beautiful chanting for an audio background,
they are highly visual.
Presentations of icons and photographs provide inspiration and education
while texts are brought in and out of the screen in striking ways. 
​This is particulary useful for ​someone
who would appreciate

​more than just ​


Even though one should watch

​the ​

three in sequence

​, Part II​

​deals with faith groups ​who


departed from Orthodoxy and

​thus, ​


​an prove a very valuable help to many Roman C​

atholics a

​s well


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​thank You​