Young and old, rich and poor, kings and paupers, we are all equal in Christ

Orthodox Church Kalamazoo









Join us to see Christianity as was first experienced by our forefathers in a multi-cultural loving community.

A Few Questions

  1. Would you like to be transfigured by mercy, with our Savior’s wisdom, forgiveness and restoration?
  2. Are you interested in being part of the Church, which gave us the Bible, the Apostolic Body of believers who hold humility as the number one virtue?
  3. Do you wish to enjoy your full inheritance in the Jesus of 2000 years of Church history?
  4. Are you interested in how the undivided Church’s worship has come down to us today?
  5. Are you evangelical (with good news) while focusing on first, being a peaceful example?
  6. Do you wish you could see miracles, which unworthy as we are, have always been part of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church?
  7. Do you want balance and a caring Church of imperfect people whose goal is preparing for eternity by treating our neighbor the way we’d wish to be treated?

All welcome/todos bienvenidos!


Our Mission

The Mission of Transfigure Us, is to be faithful in fulfilling the commandment of Christ to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all Nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that He has commanded” so that all may be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth: To preach, in accordance with God’s will, the fullness of the gospel of the Kingdom to the peoples of North America and invite them to become members of the Orthodox Church. To utilize for her mission the various languages of the peoples of this continent. To be the body of Christ in North America, faithful to the tradition of the Church, witnessing to the truth, and by God’s grace and in the power of the Holy Spirit, revealing Christ’s way of sanctification and eternal salvation to all.

Our Clergy

His Grace Bishop Paul, Diocese of the Midwest

His Grace Bishop Paul, Diocese of the Midwest


Fr. Joshua Frigerio

Fr. Joshua Frigerio, Pastor, Holy Ascension, Albion of which we are an extension


Fr. Evangelos Pepps

Fr. Evangelos Pepps, our missionary pastor