N. American Support a Mission-Priest

Will you help North American clergy members pay for basic necessities of life as they sacrificially serve their communities?

What is NASAMP?
North American Support A Mission Priest (NASAMP) is a program of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center that offers monthly financial assistance to priests in North America. Through NASAMP donations, the priest is able to apply himself more fully to the needs of the parish and hierarchs are able to ordain more clergy to meet the growing needs of their flock.

Who are NASAMP Priests?
As of 2010, NASAMP supports ? clergy. NASAMP priests follow in the footsteps of the Apostles, spreading the message of Christ’s love to areas of North America where people hunger for the peace and truth of the Orthodox Faith. Many priests are responsible for several communities as the Church is growing faster than clergy can be trained. It is an arduous life; one dedicated to sharing the Good News of Christ with all people.

NASAMP makes it possible for us to help our brothers and sisters who are spreading the Gospel. Your donation to the NASAMP Program will provide the basic needs of the recipients and their families as they nurture the growing number of Orthodox communities. This solidarity is the essence of the NASAMP Program.

How does NASAMP Work?
Individuals or groups in the United States and Canada pledge to give $600.00 annually to support a priest, deacon, or catechist. Partial-year donations are gratefully appreciated as well. Those who choose to make a $600 commitment may make donations on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Where is SAMP?
There are other groups very similar to NCSAMP, like Support a Missionary Priest (SAMP).

How Can I Get Involved?
Click here to download the NASAMP — North American Support A Mission Priest grant request form to make a prayerful commitment to NASAMP and participate in taking the Gospel to where people still hunger and thirst to hear the Good News. If you would like more information, call us at