Proposed Building Site

This map is neither a legally recorded map nor a survey and is not intended to be used as one. This map is a compilation of records, information and data located in various city, county, state and federal offices and other sources regarding the area shown, and is to be used for reference purposes only. Created From City of Kalamazoo Online Mapping Site. Sources: Kalamazoo, MI. Data Dates: 2010: Rental, Daily; May, Floodplains; 2009: County Basemap; 2008: Nov., Mowing Properties; Zoning, Landuse, Bus Stops, Bus Routes; 2007: Apr., School Prop.; 2006: Aug., Parking; Feb., Soils, Trees, NWI Wetlands; 2004: Dec., Elevation Contours; Nov., Structures and Roads; June, Brownfields; all others Fall 2003. Map Created: 10/20/2010