We have a variety of events that are happening within our community, and encourage everyone to contact Fr Evangelos if you have any questions

Bishop Paul to Visit Portage Area Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Regular Schedule of Worship

    • 45 minute Vespers Saturdays, 6:30pm, at ___ Confession available upon request
    • Every Sunday beginning again, September 7, 9:15 Matins followed by 10am Doxology & Divine Liturgy followed by Pot Luck also, at ______ Kalamazoo,

Spread the word with those looking for what we offer. All welcome!

While you can always just come, we appreciate your calling or texting 269/492-4344 as to: how many you’ll be bringing and what healthy dish you will share. Don’t have a dish? Come anyway but do kindly call or text if possible.

    • Other sacred services are listed on the calendar.
    • Bible Study Fellowships on relevant subjects. See the studies here
    • Service projects for those less fortunate than us. See the service projects here.
    • Occasional pilgrimages to monasteries and other local Orthodox Christian communities

  • We have a growing youth group that goes to festivals, can make ski trips, offer talent shows, play volleyball, softball, etc.
  • Our pastor assists our studies with fluency in Greek
  • He also, has a working knowledge of Spanish and makes use of people’s various cultures whenever appropriate

Everyone welcome/Todos bienvenidos!

See Christianity as was first experienced by our forefathers in a loving multi-cultural community.